NEW YORK | American Copper Buildings | 540 + 470 FT | 49 + 40 FLOORS


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It’s stunning!


I freakin love these buildings.

Today from 34th st near midtown tunnel and again in the afternoon coming back into the tunnel from lic on the lie.


Today from FDR


I’m John Boehner, and I approve this message.


Very good shots, VG!!


Can see a couple of developments in this panorama. The American Copper Buildings. NYU expansion to the left of it, and 45 East 22nd hiding on the far left.

Credit: Michael.Lee

It also looks like 10 Hudson is hiding to the right of the ESB in the distance. Sneaky, sneaky 10 Hudson. :pensive:






Wow, love their lights and colors at night!
Not to mention the beautiful and colorful ESB!


SHoP and JDS are redefining the NY skyline and adding utter masterpieces. This is extraordinary.






Beautiful shots you found, VG!
Like them both!


Agreed. These are the first true icons to rise in NYC in quite some time, ignoring 432 Park Ave (which makes them all the more impressive since they don’t stand 1,397’!)


I think we can add BIG’s Pyramid (or sail) to the list of icons added. That is even more prominent being on the Hudson.


I think ACS are more original. The Pyramid is very nice but it is derivative of Mercedes House just a few blocks south, whereas these are completely and totally unique (yet nevertheless very complementary).


I think that 56 Leonard, 400 PAS, and 875 Spruce are also iconic.


The problem Spruce has is that it is closer to downtown and thus crowded out more. I agree with 56 Leonard because it is a fascinating tower and in a location where it gets plenty of attention.

I also think 432 Park is iconic. You can see it from like everywhere and in a short time has already become something associated with NYC. It is a box yes. But it is a very skinny 1400 foot box with perfect symmetry.


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