NEW YORK | American Copper Buildings | 540 + 470 FT | 49 + 40 FLOORS


Sunday, April 18



This is amazing.


Such a clever design, the more I see the more I fall in love with it. Very “New York” hahah.


626 First has a new name! It’s called the American Copper Building:

the name of the project, which shall henceforth be known as American Copper Buildings, in a nod to the 5,000 metal panels that make up the facade.

Interior renderings in link


This, together with Solow’s new tower and the new Turskish consulate (and of course 1 Vanderbilt), will really boost the Midtown East skyline.


Indeed this is very New York with a contemporary twist. I love the additions of the core run-offs which help these twins compliment their surroundings.


The American Copper Building is one of my favorite buildings going up in NYC, and there are quite a few fine developments to choose from right now.


The price of copper is 2.18 USD/lb. If they keep using copper, its a good time to invest!

Its a cheap material, and if there is a shortage, might be worth it in the long run. Like 20 years. I just need insider knowledge on the latest startup. :slight_smile: I need a condo at 432 Park. I’m not afraid of heights, but addicted to them.


It’s a wonderful building, the interplay of the shapes remains fascinating every time I look at it.

If it is really made of copper, maybe it will slowly turn a beautiful greenish-blue over the years?


The world’s tallest copper-clad towers will be linked by a sky bridge that’s also a lap pool


I’m John Boehner, and I endorse this message!


Credit: FC


I love this building.
The big question: will it be Statue of Liberty green in 5 years or will it somehow stay red.
I’ll end up looking very different.
Does anyone know?


I agree, it’s a great building.

A while ago, it was mentioned in an interview from either Stern or SHoP and they did say it’s supposed to turn color to a greenish color over time.

A recent article mentioning it:

The towers, which were designed by SHoP Architects (also known for Brooklyn’s love-it-or-hate-it Barclays Center) and developed by the luxury mega-developer JDS Development Group, will be made up entirely of rental units ranging from studios to three-bedrooms. The distinctive copper cladding is reminiscent of the weathering steel on the Barclays Center, which quickly turned rust-colored. Similarly, the buildings’ copper, currently shiny, will soon age, coloring the buildings a vibrant green




I believe they used a special mix in the thin copper layer to prevent oxidation. So its not pure copper in a sense, but a heterogeneous mixture of oxidation reducers. With many other towers, the facade material is treated beforehand.


These buildings are looking incredible. Love its design too.
Can’t wait to see them complete and opened.


Re: Copper changing color

JDS showing its mettle with new Copper Tower Buildings

Another remarkable aspect of the towers is their appearance —

the 5,000 copper panels that make up the façade will eventually oxidize over time, forming a patina that will turn mint green, similar to the color of the Statue of Liberty.





These buildings are turning out very great!
Both day and night!