NEW YORK | American Copper Buildings | 540 + 470 FT | 49 + 40 FLOORS


Someone else can certainly answer in more detail but I believe there’s still a considerable amount of interior work to be done. Also, I think one of the exterior freight elevators is still up on the (southeast?) tower. So that’s gonna have to come down. It’s always such a tease when exterior work is completed on these projects because there’s usually still at least a year’s worth of work before they open.

Anyway, I’m not an expert on the topic. Just an enthusiast :slight_smile:


The ESB looks amazing in the above pic!


Pic by me. Taken today.


Great photo, Chris.


Patriot Copper Buildings can be seen, dancing like they just took some LSD.

Credit: valeserri


LOL @ Patriot.


From magazine






this is my favorite mid sized development by a long shot. One of the few that I don’t wish they were bigger. They are just the right size. If they were 900 feet they would look awkward, it excellent location allows it to make a nice impact despite not being overly tall.





I don’t think this is owned by American Apparel, but the font and signage is very similar




Thomas Koloski found this!





Nice. Can see 875 1st Ave as well on the right.






Two great pictures of them, Tectonic!