NEW YORK | ALTA LIC (29-22 Northern Blvd) | 473 FT | 45 FLOORS


Updated Rendering:


Opening in 2018. (See link). Called “Ollie”


A bit more interesting in my opinion, the white cladding gives the building a bit more cladding and without the neon blue lights everywhere it looks a bit more new york and a bit less “miami vice”


Ehhh…I’m having mixed feelings now! Hoping for the best.





So far this looks awful…


They still need to clad it, right? Hopefully it ends up at least close to the rendering (which isn’t really great, itself, but satisfactory)


And now a photo from this morning.


This morning:


This morning:


Nice update Waymond.




yesterday afternoon


You can now see where the 2 facades will separate near the top.


Most heinous new building in LIC and maybe NYC.


Looks like communist bloc housing


if the renderings are anything to go by, either the concrete will be painted or there’s another ‘layer’ planned as cladding. Hopefully it will be a good job. It wont be the most ugly thing in the city.


Agree, in these days of full glass buildings, it’s quite a shock to see an “old school” concrete structure coming up. The architect took a risk, hopefully it will pay off once finished and demark itself from the otherwise boring (Lego) buildings going around in LIC. Worst case it will be pretty by night!

PS: glass cladding on top floors popped up, can be seen on NYC’s last pic.


What’s surprising is that anyone would want to live there.

In the future this will be one of the “mysteries of history” - along with the Amelia Earhart disappearance.


This morning