NEW YORK | Aerial Imagery


Edit: The forum cut the higher resolution from showing due to the file being 5mb> . In the flickr link, you can view the full 4162x4457 version. As of 12/31/17.

Massive aerial.

Credit: Antti Lipponen


Nearby Newark NJ.

Credit: DroneFanatic


Older aerial film, from early 2017, but nothing short of amazing. Recommend.


I took this screenshot from the clip. I love this perspective.

What I love about some drone videos are the unique angles in which the city is portrayed. Something that is made possible via “drones”.

Edit: Another great one.




Bravo streetscaper excellent find. New wallpaper!

I’d like to point to the significance of a shot like this. Manhattan might be known as the island of skyscrapers, but the real heart of the city are in sections like Nolita, LES, Chinatown/LI, and the Village. Dense blocks of mid rises and low rises where folks are crammed into tiny spaces, but out of it, comes a unique vibe where every alley, every street is different, and not monotonous. You could spend hours, if not days exploring the side streets and structures within these neighborhoods.

In terms of midrises, these neighborhoods excel. In terms of why the Big Apple is known as the melting spot, the area pictures below is a reason why (out of many). Tons of culture, and diversity.


@chris08876 Agreed. This is what Jane Jacobs wanted to save. This cityscape wouldn’t be here without her efforts!


Chris does not recommend… :running_man:

Credit: @johnnymeant


LGA take off


An off the walls set. The gold standard! :sunny:

DSC_0530 by Patrick Davies, on Flickr

DSC_0521 by Patrick Davies, on Flickr

DSC_0536 by Patrick Davies, on Flickr


Took these off various cams. Just your average 5 or 6 pm rush hour. Just utter chaos and like a human ant farm that just had something hot dropped into the ant hill.

Concept to remember kids: Its bloody crowded here!!!

All are 2560x1440, my screen resolution.


Credit: Richard Ghorbal


From PBS:

February 1954:

February 1966:


Click on the album, it’s a 3 image composition.


Lovely approach into LGA this afternoon.


looks like a lot is afoot at 9 deKalb.


Thats what they call the “visual LGA landing”. Best landing route in the world. Most dynamic, especially on a clear day. Skyscrapers for miles.


Epic landing video from Aug 2018.

Must make full screen and hd.

What a city! And what a view!



Some screen shots

The East Coast SF equivalent.

Amazon’s future home

A very underrated borough. )Bronx) Very urban and dense.


Beautiful views. This one is recent, as of Dec 2018.


Some Bronx Aerials!