NEW YORK | Aerial Imagery


I agree, YIMBY!
I remember that in 2006, me and my family landed on JFK Airport and I was hyper happy to see the Manhattan skyline from distance! I did my best to spot the ESB and Chrysler Building (gladly I found them and watched them), but I missed the Twin Towers!

And when I saw some nice videos on YouTube which shows the NYC while landing on La Guardia, I agree that it has a better view of the city skyline than JFK. I love to watch them. ^^


Imagine how first timers must feel taking the visual route. I remember years ago landing in JFK coming from Madrid, and there was an Indian family visiting. Must of been first timers, because you could barely make out the skyline, and I remember them crying in happiness. Now… had we taken this route, on a clear day like the picture, and I think they would’ve had a fatality on the plane. To much to handle!

The JFK landing is always boring though IMO (to many water towers and houses in Long Island). Never liked that approach, especially coming from Europe. Landing in Newark is okay. Depends on the rout though. Can sometimes have some nice scenery if you get the right side of the plane facing East)


I see your point.
I was a baby on a family trip to Boston and New York in 1994. I can’t remember anything, unfortunately. So yeah, when I got to visit NYC again I was a bit like these first timers like you mentioned, Chris. :slight_smile:
But I understand how boring is for you to keep landing on JFK instead Newark or La Guardia which indeed have cooler and nice views of Manhattan skyline.




Look at that density! Insane …


Credit: Dan Macy

The urban overload is making my pc crash.







Nice one, VG!


This is great.

Full Screen and HD is a must.


This is great indeed!
Nice find, Chris! ^^


These are from last year, but nice unique angles:





Credit: Kevin Simmons; NYC fly over and landing at LaGuardia



Credit: Joe Lin


I could stare these views all day. They look so quiet and peaceful from that high and away from so much noise and distraction haha


classic aerial pic


These are bloody nice. Click to zoom in. Might make good wallpaper. I really like the 2nd one.

Credit for both: David Danzig

Has a nice cool, natural, relaxed tone to it. Really the serene beauty that is NYC in the summer. After a hot day, nothing is better than the city around 7 pm, where it cools down, and a nice brisk breeze comes by, as the rays of sun glisten on the glassy towers.


DSC00732 by qprfact, on Flickr

New York from above by tamas.nagy8313, on Flickr