NEW YORK | Aerial Imagery




Awesome shot! Anything in particular that you noticed?

If you zoom in far enough to the west you can spot Montclair State University. I’ll be trying to send some pictures from there as the weather warms up now.

Also, one thing that blows my mind is the potential of Jersey City. While the skyline has decent length, it needs more depth back to the west. With the arrival of Journal Squared, could we eventually see the skyline connecting from the Hudson all the way to JS?


I kinda hope the NJ side follows something similar to Tornoto where there are big highrise clusters scattered. Its kinda getting like that, but not on that level. If Newark starts to boom, and as Jersey City has more infill further from Exchange Place, I can see that happening. The Gold Coast is always adding new towers but I’d like to see it become a little more aggressive. Likewise for Paterson. In terms of NYC, the East New York rezoning has the possibility to add more high rise clusters. Queens also has the potential to add high rises in areas that are predominantly lowrise.

Flushings Queens is like its own city as well. Quite a lot of infill is going on. With JC, I can see it becoming much denser as its an extension of Mahattan, its starting to feel like it, and the somewhat lower prices (although getting kinda high) will attract newcomers.


There’s so much potential to fill in on the Jersey Side. Doesn’t have to be 200 meter+ towers, but 50-100 meter towers all over the place would do a lot to add to the cityscape of the general metro and help with the buildup towards Manhattan.

For example, Hackensack has a decent little cluster of highrises. Now imagine that on a much grander scale and a little taller. I think that would be epic!




Credit: meryl.pfeiffer


Wow, nice find, Chris.

That shot really puts into perspective the difference between just skyscrapers and supertalls.





What a city, it truly is marvelous hahaha


High Resolution Aerials. Might make a good wallpaper. Taken April 2016.

Credit: PJMixer


Those are great. You can certainly appreciate how much more the three supertalls(432, 1wtc, esb) stand out from the rest of the skyline.


Hey, check this out! :smiley:


This is beautiful. :relaxed: Thanks to this news:


^ nice


I love the orange avenues!



The “orange avenues” are really beautiful :slight_smile:


Very NYCE!


High Res aerial. Probally one of my favorite approaches. Its the LaGuardia Visual approach as its been coined. If you get a left seat, your set, and can see stuff like this.

Credit: David O


The La Guardia approach is the best!!! Great shot!