NEW YORK | Aerial Imagery


A thread dedicated to user findings of aerial photography depicting NYC.

The only rule I ask In general is to state the source after the end of an image set or the author, the place where the images are found, and a link preferably.

Oh, and also, some fine aerials as well. :blush:


New York Fall Aerial Set:

Bloody Epic!

All Credit: Dennis at Flikr; account: Dennis samsebeskazal


Diamonds in Central Park

Planes on The Intrepid’s flightdeck


Not a photo, but a landing video. This one is a personal favorite of mine. Would recommend pausing it, putting this song on:

And then hitting play as the song plays: (Hd and Full screen a must! ) :slight_smile:


Came across this amazing Manhattan imagery, well worth a look.
NY Eye Candy


These are amazing! :blush:

I moved this to the current aerial thread. Just for sake of organization.


Here they are. They can be shared using the share feature below. Get the word out! :wink:

Credit: nearmap AND Vincent Laforet ;




I’ll include a video in here. Since video is photography in motion. :smile:

Quite epic! HD is essential and full screen.


nyc by erfankhan, on Flickr


Credit for all: Phil

A recent landing video, from early March. Some amazing views.


Amazing helicopter riding covering Bronx, Manhattan, and something many don’t, the Jersey side. 20 minutes, but its worth every second. Probably one of the best one’s I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen many.


Credit: Jose Tutlven


Pic taken by me





Credit: Andy Newbold



This is pretty cool. Uploaded on 24/02/2016, it looks to be taken around Fall of 2015, but its a 20 gigapixel interactive panorama. If you expand it, make it full screen, the detail when zooming in allows you to see people on the street and for miles. All of DoBro, White Plains, parts of Connecticut, Queens, SI, all of Manhattan, parts of Newark, Hudson County, Gold Coast and so on.

New York Skyline 360 Panorama:

You could probably spend a good 30 minutes looking at the details if not more. Spotted a couple of interesting things on rooftops. Taken from the ESB observatory.

Its 203200 x 101600 which means lots of spying around.