NEW YORK | AC NoMad (842 6th Ave) | 315 FT | 25 FLOORS


I’m very pleased that this PoS will be razed and that the beautiful old building to the south will remain! I was disappointed when the beautiful residential tower rising next door did not include this because I feared that we’d either be stuck with this or that some shmuck would demolish this and the gem next to it. Fortunately, it all worked out!


Good. No loss here.


I agree. The one getting torn down was an eyesore. But I hope the nice white one withstands future development. From today


I concur


Nothing going on at this site, but does anyone know what is going on at the corner of 6th and w 29th st? They started taking down more buildings along 29th st now.


I applaud the plumbers! Let’s declare war on s.h.i.t.!

Fortunately, the beautiful building between these turds appears safe.


Yesterday. Scaffolding going up for demo.




interesting, this is going to be a modular build.



( seems to have some problem but Google has a cache of the page)


any time a development of this class does not have exposed a/c vents is a winner in my book