NEW YORK | 9 DeKalb Ave | 1,066 FT | 73 FLOORS


I just accepted a position in downtown Brooklyn. I will be your BK “reporter” once this starts to take off. :slight_smile:




newish rendering from SHoP


They (SHOP) have refined this design well: modern, yet still retaining a ‘classic architecture’ appearance. The building now has many design elements that evokes classic NY Architectural icons such as the Empire State building, Chrysler Building, and the Woolworth building. This is setting a good president for future towers in the area; we don’t want Downtown Brooklyn to start looking like Downtown Dallas - any town USA.


I am feeling the love here on Yimby - this forum is a vast improvement over Wired New York. Sorry Edward if your reading this, just keeping it real my friend. Long live YIMBY, always something fun and interesting to see and learn. I think one of the reasons WNY did not last is because it was overly ‘moderated’ by overly zealous volunteer mods: that and a few other glitches led to its eventual demise. Anyway, I digress - this tower here on DeKalb Avenue is an Architectural masterpiece.


Ground work still being done.