NEW YORK | 9 DeKalb Ave | 1,066 FT | 73 FLOORS


Looks like the same design just without the cladding added for some reason. Like how it will look while under construction.


I think it’s exactly that. JDS wouldn’t go from Steinway to… uh that.


That odd render has been floated before, I saw it awhile back. Don’t worry.


Im not seeing the render yall are talking about…


It’s a render of the structure, sans cladding for some reason.


Higher quality


They forgot to turn on the facade layer on Photoshop lol. I hope this means there’s a much more detailed and updated render being released soon.


That or they’re targeting the glamping demographic in Brooklyn




This is taking forever.


A great product can take a long time


I remember feeling that way about 111 w 57th! The slow start used to give me anxiety! I thought it would never happen.


This is on my ‘recession watch list.’


Seriously! There are pics in this thread going back to February of 2017 that look identical to baronson’s recent pic of the site.


I remembered reading about this being completed in 2019 a while ago…2021/22 seems more like it now. Its definitely one of the slowest yet most anticipated developments in the city. The first supertall for the city outside of Manhattan.


I kinda of wish 99 Hudson was a super tall. I think down the line, Jersey City will get one. I kinda see JC as an extension of NY.



If that is so then I hope it follows in the footsteps of another NY icon built during a significant downturn, going up even though the rest of the economy is headed south.


Might be hard to tell but the site seems as active as ever.


looks like organized chaos, but at least work is being done.