NEW YORK | 9 DeKalb Ave | 1,066 FT | 73 FLOORS




like with the Steinway Building on 57th street, I think they’re doing a lot of the initial work here on the Dimes Saving Bank before proceeding in earnest with the tower. on instagram


I’d like to see a rendering utilizing this shot:

Credit: NYC Sunrise: Dumbo | 4K

Also, look at the size of DoBro! :blush:




Zilch. Anyone know what is going on with this project?? Pic from a couple days ago.


work will reportedly resume in the coming weeks, with the rest of 340 Flatbush Ext (the half demolished netted building) expected to come down.


“Fantastic news guys, I just walked by the site and saw a bunch of guys with “JDS” hardhats on so I chatted them up. According to them this is now full steam ahead! Phase one is done, partial demolition on the bank and stabilization of its walls, phase two is about to begin, the demolition of the remaining building on site. Phase three is excavation and building the tower, which they expect to start on by the middle of next month. They all seemed quite proud to be working on this one and were eager to chat.” Sloper on SSP


Nice. I would be thrilled too if I was working on Brooklyn’s first supertall.


I do hope its the beginning of a trend for DoBro and the surroundings. As we’ve seen, a super tall in “X” neighborhood is the catalyst that sets the trends for towers that break records for neighborhoods. Hopefully 9 Dekalb will be the first of many. :beers:

Projects in need of update

It’s coming down!




Completely forgot this thing was still being built. Its good to finally see some life at this site.






Link to vid:

Another Instagram Vid from last month:



Brooklyn’s First Supertall Gets Ready To Rise At 9 DeKalb Avenue As Foundation Work Makes Headway

Peering through the thick, green fence netting that surrounds the site of 9 DeKalb Avenue, one can now see the foundations for the imminently-1,066-foot-tall residential supertall making progress. Large hollow steel pilings crowd the northern perimeter of the construction site, waiting to be lodged into the ground with the giant piledriver being put to work by several construction workers spotted on site. The 73-story tower is being designed by SHoP Architects and developed by JDS Development and Chetrit Group.

It will soon rise along Flatbush Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn, behind the Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn. The building was preserved and will be repurposed as part of the new base for the tower. WSP is in charge of the engineering aspect for the project.

Each hollow piling looks no less than five feet in diameter, with some reaching over a couple of stories tall when lifted straight up and positioned in place, before being hammered into the ground. Part of the reason for the building’s overall elongated hexagonal footprint and massing comes from the irregular shape of the site itself, and the boundaries of available space left to build up. A 100,000-square foot retail base along with a new entrance lining Flatbush Avenue will occupy the lower floors of the tower.

500 rental units will be housed above, to be enclosed within a dark brown facade of reflective glass and bronze finishes, vertically accentuating the building’s height and multiple staggered setbacks. This attention to detail intends to recall and revive the traditional design of New York skyscrapers from the early twentieth century, emphasizing a thoughtful and well-crafted facade with infinitely more character and appeal than a typical glass box.

Positioned next to the landmarked Dime Savings Bank, the structure will be formed and assembled with reinforced concrete. The massing and size of the floors eventually become smaller towards the top of the tower, with the corner facades of the upper floors culminating several feet above the roof parapet. Seen from afar, the effect should result in a dramatic topping-off of the curtain wall that pierces above the skyline like a Neo-Gothic crown.




Credit: mrnyc of ssp


looks like the new arm of Silverstein Properties might help this continue on. Silverstein recently got into lending.


wait! Is that a new rendering they have in the article or a very old one? I hope the later :pray: