NEW YORK | 9 DeKalb Ave | 1,066 FT | 73 FLOORS


looks like there might be a slight haircut. Nothing significant.


It’s not significant but the height cut now makes it shorter than notables like the Chrysler Building, NY Times and Tower Verre. I’m still excited but a bit bothered. Hope it doesn’t under go anymore downward revisions.



Some good progress on the demo


There goes the need for my shots from yesterday. Good job JC.


It sucks wang that Juniors didn’t sell. The Juniors building is an eyesore.


I disagree. Downtown Brooklyn is already starting to look like Anywhere USA.


I think we would all still love to see your shots though. :wink:


They show exactly the same thing. :slight_smile:


Here you go…



This pile will be gone soon, don’t know what the replacement will be.



They’ve started caisson work




So they backfilled the site after piling? Confused…


I’m growing increasingly impatient with this development. Start building already lol




A quick before and after.


From the recently added pics, they are currently in the midsts of Demolition of the rear portion of the DSB, that will continue into late fall when they will start excavating and piling, though with winter being here sooner rather than later this may really start in earnest next summer.





Credit: Brownstoner