NEW YORK | 9 DeKalb Ave | 1,066 FT | 73 FLOORS


Note: the correct address is 3xx Flatbush Avenue Extension.

3xx Flatbush Ave would be somewhere near Grand Army Plaza. That’s definitely not where this is.


they named the development 9 DeKalb, so let’s go with that :slight_smile:



I could see a very small crew on site today, but nothing major happening.


From an SSC user

“New update: The black curtains of death went up on the building adjacent to Junior’s along Flatbush over the course of yesterday and today. That’s a sure sign of impending demolition in NYC. If they move quickly, that building should be gone by mid-March (it’s not very big), so I’d guess they’re planning on getting foundation work started by May or so”


What do you think the time table is on this? Are they waiting to see what the market does with the rest of the area before building up? Seems like they have put significant investment into this so far.


They are digging the foundation now!



Wow! Thanks for this!!


so, can we say that this building is under construction? Is it approved?


Okay, this makes me super happy!


I would say so. Many other buildings excavating are considered under construction here. They also had the exact rendering we have seen lately on the green boards on flatbush ave ext side.


Excavation is a precursor to foundation, so yes, looks like it is.

I’ll change status to u/c.

The future here we come!

This tower design should be in every childrens coloring book from the West to East Coast. It is a lesson in REAL architecture.


This is going to be amazing. I can’t wait. Makes up for the clock tower being obscured on my side of Flatbush by that pre-fab trash around Atlantic Yards.


Great photos, JC!


Photos of snowstorms on Flatbush will be much improved once this tower is constructed. Although I will miss the old downtown, at least this building is worthy of the Borough.


So we have citypoint phase III and this as the 2nd and 1st tallest. LIC will be getting its future tallest as well. Even with the FAA downsize (which I hope they appeal), it will eclipse One Court Square. Every borough in a way is getting a new tallest. For Manhattan, by roof it will happen. In Staten Island, in the form of a wheel. Jersey City with 99 Hudson. And the Bronx, well… something will spring up as its the hot bed for affordable housing.


Yup. But the way things are going with the FAA, it looks like downtown Brooklyn might be the only cluster outside manhattan to get supertalls in the foreseeable future. Both LIC and Jersey City have seen FAA determinations keeping them in the 750’-900’ range.


I have faith that they will be overturned. In Miami, one city that has an airport close to downtown (with flight paths over it), has had the fortune of getting 1000+ ft approved for various towers. Some, with original determinations much lower than what was finally approved. What they need to do is appeal it, and request additional studies. Granted they should appeal. A lot of units hence profit are lost by not having that extra 150-250’.


Technically JC has one journal square approved at 930+ feet not including its 90+ feet above mean sea level.


Unfortunately it seems One JSQ was knocked down to 777 ft during the FAA approval process. It’s not clear if the FAA asked for this change, or the developer, but the original FAA filings had One JSQ at 942 ft, while the latest FAA applications show twin 777-ft towers. See the discussion here:

Also, it’s 100% certain from other FAA documents mentioned in that thread that the FAA thought 99 Hudson’s crane was too tall at 1100 feet in downtown JC; they knocked it down to ~1030 feet. Perhaps that had something to do with the 50-foot height chop that 99 Hudson received. If they won’t approve temporary cranes at that height, it’s gonna be a lot harder to get buildings approved at that height.

I hope chris08876 is right, though, and the FAA’s becomes less strict in JC and LIC in the future.