NEW YORK | 9 DeKalb Ave | 1,066 FT | 73 FLOORS


I agree. As I do those development compilations, on any given day, we are seeing a high rise entering the pipeline along with a couple of midrises. Per day most of the time. Some days more than others, but what would normally be a big deal for most cities, is a daily occurrence. Just the other day Toll Brothers announced a 30 floor tower. Today a 15 floor structure on 56th street. A 17 floor tower on 79th. And it goes on. Not to mention we typically hear news of a 300ft + tower every week or so it seems. Add that to the backlog of projects in the pipeline, many starting the hard cost stage, and its madness. This boom is literally adding a whole Chicago Loop to the building stock. The only city thats really competing skyscraper wise is Miami. Miami-Dade County being 2nd in this boom. I kinda view that region as the NY of the South.


Fantastic news! Very excited to see Brooklyn get a considerably tall supertall. This tower would really compliment NYC’s greater skyline. Cheers!


This is the Age of Ramses, lads!


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This tower pushed me over the edge. Its magnificent. Its the tower Brooklyn deserves. It will quickly become an icon in the borough.

If this turns out as well it as it looks it will easily be one of the most beautiful supertalls in the world. Definitely top 10.


In this picture it always appears MUCH larger than 1066’. Do you think it could be taller??


Welcome to Yimby forums! And yes this tower insanely beautiful hahaha.


City Approves 1,066-Foot-Tall Downtown Brooklyn Skyscraper

The Downtown Brooklyn skyline is rising.

Earlier this week, the city’s Landmarks Preservation Commission approved a proposal that would allow a 1,066-foot tower to go up at 340 Flatbush Avenue Extension, a part of which would sit on the former Dime Savings Bank, according to a spokeswoman with the commission.

While the project itself can be built as-of-right, meaning it complies with all zoning regulations and doesn’t require city approval to go up, the commission had to approve changes to the Dime Savings Bank building, a landmark located at 9 DeKalb Ave., according to the LPC.

The commission approved the changes to the 108-year-old landmark with some modifications that required the developer to retain the former bank’s historic teller booths until a tenant is secured.

The commission’s approval will allow developers Cherit Group and JDS Development to move forward with plans to construct the 73-story apartment building, which would be the tallest in the borough, even eclipsing the Chrysler and New York Times buildings in Midtown Manhattan, which are tied for fifth tallest in the city at 1,046 feet.

The high-rise would total 556,164 square feet, with 463,470 square feet reserved for 417 residential units, according to Department of Buildings filings.

A rendering of the hexagonal tower by SHoP Architects shows a thin, glassy spire looming over Downtown Brooklyn.

The tower is slated to go up by 2019.

The high-rise is just one of several developments expected to take over the Brooklyn skyline in the next four years. Some 22,000 new apartments are expected in Brooklyn by 2019, with 6,500 new units anticipated to be built in Downtown Brooklyn alone, according to CityRealty.



This is one of my new favorite developments. I wonder if you’ll be able to see it from route 3 in Clifton?


I’m amazed and happy that Brooklyn will have such “a” skyscraper! It’s design is beautiful, what a building to be seen from upclose and from afar!


a crowning skyscraper for Kings county.


Gregg Pasquarelli of SHoP Architects reportedly said how they wanted to put forward a different tower design compared to the slab-like high-rises also going up around the area. Subsequently, the skyscraper’s facade at street level aims to evoke the fluted ionic columns of the Bank through reflective glass fenestration with bronze mullions alongside white marble columns.

As the tower stretches upward, the bronze ribbons join grey spandrel and vision glass panelling. Here black metal is employed in a similar, linear fashion running up the building’s facade.

Set to be complete by 2019, SHoP’s Brooklyn high-rise will house around 500 apartments, all available to rent. In this selection, a range of luxury condos will be thrown in while 20 percent will be kept below the market rate.


I’m psyched for this. So when should they start construction?


Masterpiece in the making, and JDS Development Group along with SHoP are really making a worthy and extraordinary mark in the skyline. Top design and developers. NYC’s D.N.A. applied!


its been 2 months since we had any updates. Any new news on this one?


They started to demolish the corner building at some point but not much was going on in that section today. But fleet street was being torn up for some reason. Most of the building, including juniors and the bank is closed off with scaffolding. Seems like work has started.


wonderful. now officially in the prep phrase.


If Brooklyn can get a 1000+ footer then there must be hope for Manhattan to get a 2000 footer.


Home of Brooklyn’s future tallest!


Any progress here?


Any information on when construction is supposed to start??