NEW YORK | 9 DeKalb Ave | 1,066 FT | 73 FLOORS




What are the chances of this getting built as currently proposed?


I hope that ShOP’s proposal for 360 10th is this good.


Don’t forget 80 South Street!


I don’t think they’re still designing 80 South since Howard Hughes sold the site to China Oceanwide.


The new renderings for this are gorgeous. This is the most exciting project in the outer boroughs, IMO!


NYC is out of control!

Now we need to hear that Black Rock will anchor 2 WTC!


This is the age of Ramses yes… but also the age of designs of orgasmic proportions. I mean WOW. Look at that tower!


Hopefully the landmarks commission accepts the modifications to the bank building.


I could remember a couple of years ago where the NIMBYS and the community vowed to not allow a building taller then the Williamsburg Savings Bank. Glad that their narrow minded, provincial, communist ideals where stopped short.

And what has come from their demise? A flourishing neighborhood.


It just blows my mind that people living in the United State’s most populated city (There are almost as many people in NYC than the next 3 cities combined; LA, Chicago, Houston) are actually against development.


Good news!


Wow if this takes off in addition to the 900 footers in LIC and the 900 footer in Jersey City, I think NYC Metro will have the most dynamic skyline in the world!


I agree, Vortex!






Ecstatic that this is going to happen! How quickly will construction start?


NY honestly is out of control.

I was recently in Atlanta, and they’re ecstatic about a “building boom,” which consists of the construction of about ten five to twenty story bland boxes which are all rental towers. Charlotte is similar.


I know, it’s absolutely insane!
Any one of the new buildings going up in NYC would be a huge deal in any other city. In NY it’s hard to keep track at times!

Hell, even this tower, at 1,066’, would become Atlanta’s new tallest building and here we are building it in Brooklyn!