NEW YORK | 85 Jay Street | 282 FT | 21 FLOORS


Kushner Companies, LIVWRK, and the CIM Group have closed on the purchase, for $345 million, of the 135,000-square-foot development site at 85 Jay Street, in DUMBO. The full-block property, currently vacant, could accommodate up to 1.1-million square feet of mixed-use development, the New York Post reported. The new owners plan to develop the site within current zoning laws. A project “with mixed uses” is planned, although plans are very preliminary. It was reported earlier that the site could host as many as 1,000 residential units. The team is in the process of hiring architects and consultants.


this is the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ parking lot, right? I hope for multiple sizeable towers near the Brooklyn Bridge.



i’m glad they’re keeping the Watchtower complex. This could be a place for Brooklyn Bridge tourists to visit.


well, they’re keeping the complex, but it seems we’re losing something iconic.


I was hoping for something a bit more tall. Too close the BK Bridge for anything significant I suppose. Though with Kushner’s recent track record, who knows if this will even get done. Morris Adjmi has been turning out some great buildings recently, so hopefully the design will be stunning.

the massive lot. Photo by Nathan Kensinger via Curbed


Treason Tower



When is this lego era going to end?


Every other hack out of architecture school seems to try and revive the dream of Habitat 67.

Is Adjmi’s proposal ever coming out?



There should be a lot more courtyard projects like this. A park courtyard is a great amenity and results in good light and air for apartments.






Saturday 9/22/18



That hole is huge.
The street level of the design looks like it may be pretty good.
I see this is Morris Adjmi. This whole building will look amazing I bet.