NEW YORK | 80 South St | 1,436 FT | 113 FLOORS




There’s one small group of people who I’m sure are praying 80 South never gets built - buyers at One Seaport, whose views to the north would be blocked by the supertall.


There are no northern views at One Seaport :laughing: 80 South Street was proposed long before One Seaport, so they designed their tower accordingly.


Haha, this is true. 80 South would however block views of One Seaport from the north, making the condo a little less visible on the skyline for what that’s worth.


This announcement to shareholders by China Oceanwide was released on August 30th and covers the first six months of 2018:



so essentially they are in the final engineering phases


I wish a Chinese developer would build a 600 meter tower in NYC.


Vortex. You’re speaking my language.
I’ll ask Santa for that this Christmas :santa:


I asked a friend who’s in a position to know if SHoP is designing 80 South and this person told me that this is NOT a SHoP project.


SHoP seemed a logical guess as to who would be tapped to design 80 South given their extensive experience to date redesigning the Seaport area. But perhaps that’s a reason not to go with them - the risk they’d get overextended.


I will say this - nobody spends $403.1 million on anything and doesn’t do something with it. I’ll ask a few other people I know for more details.


if they’re in the design phase I would be careful trusting them. Associates need to be tight lipped about projects in this phase or they risk termination.


Agreed, but the professional response seems like it would have been “I can’t discuss such matters.”


I want to see a Zaha Hadid Architects tower, particularly of this size. The 425 Park proposal was a goddamn masterpiece, and something on the waterfront would be exceptional.


Whenever I see something by Zaha Hadid, it’s as if I’m getting a glimpse of something from the future. I wish there was more of her work in NYC. She passed far too early. A true visionary.


I especially like her high line condo in nyc- and we could use more of her firm’s projects. And the renders for 425 park and 666 fifth were awesome too. I just dont really like her 1000 Museum project in Miami though and some other mid to high rises look a bit wonky. She has some crazy cool projects going on in Beijing China though. The airport and the Soho twisting towers over the train station are pretty amazing. Hope we see more from them in nyc soon.


China Oceanwide is apparently showing signs of being severely over leveraged and facing a current liquidity crunch with severely tightened access to credit. I came across a research report recently that predicted China Oceanside would collapse within 24 months in the absence of a financial miracle. 80 South is just one of a number of real estate development mega projects in the U.S. which have all been stalled for years and are likely to remain so for years to come as the company lurches toward a collapse. What a shame!


I had such high hopes Oceanwide would get it done. I had a bad feeling in my gut after they filed for demolition and never acted on it.


That’s a shame to hear. Unfortunately, that’s what happens in this market though. The number of buildings that are conceptualized and then never get the proper finances together…RIP 80 south st :frowning:


somebody will pick it up. Its too valuable a site.