NEW YORK | 80 South St | 1,436 FT | 113 FLOORS


It’s good that China Oceanwide is flush with cash.


Looking forward to see what will rise here.



Me too!


As Leonard Cohen would say:



Music to my ears!!

China Oceanwide Holdings intends on constructing a residential and commercial tower as tall as 1,436 feet on the waterfront lot.


someone should tell the 1 Seaport owner’s that their view may get obstructed by a super tall!




Once this goes up 1 WTC won’t be as lonely. There will be 2 mammoths downtown.


I agree .


Demo permits were filed for 163 Front St on May 8th.

Nothing was happening today at 80 South though.


Brilliant news that planning apps are going through in preparation of this future beauty! It is slowly, but surely getting somewhere.

Speaking of beauty, your new picture is interesting :wink:


Thanks, Stig!

Salma is caliente!


Awesome. Looks like 1 WTC is going to lose its dominance over lower manhattan sooner than later…if only the twins were still here. They would always steal the attention no matter what.


I’m extremely excited to see the design of this thing (especially if it’s done by SHoP as speculated) and for the WTC to have to some 1400’ company…

But am I the only one who finds the balance of the future lower Manhattan skyline really odd? With 80 South and 1 WTC on opposite extreme edges and with almost identical heights, the effect is sort of like a sign of the horns. Which is very rock n roll, but it means LM is begging for something taller in between, to punctuate the dip between these two towers.

Or is that just me?


I agree marshall but worry not, there are other supertalls going up in lower manhattan and thanks to our dear friend @Thomas_Koloski we can see that the skyline is actually going to be pretty balanced mainly thanks to 45 broad street and of course the rest of the wtc Complex.





Awesome news!!! Cheers!

A developer is set to clear the way for what will be the city’s second-tallest skyscraper, filing two demolition permits for Front and South Streets on May 8.

The supertall tower in the Seaport area, being developed by China Oceanwide Holdings, is expected to reach 1,436 feet tall. Its massive height would make it the runner-up to the 1,792-foot One World Trade Center for the city’s tallest building.

Could this be it???


That’s it. That model was spotted here over a year ago if I remember correctly.