NEW YORK | 80 South St | 1,436 FT | 113 FLOORS


they are Chinese.

PRC formed in 1949. I will take a 1949 foot tower! Although the tower would likely get the nickname commie tower and WTC 1 would go be to being freedom tower. This would obviously cause some donald trump type to make a taller tower. Then someone who hates donald would make one taller because we cant have the donald have the biggest one in the US and before you know it we have skyline full of megatalls…

you heard it here 1st folks.


Hahahahahahahahha, I love your thinking jonathan.


And that’s a good thinking indeed, Jonathan


The one-upsmanship will for sure give us some good towers! Just wait 10 years… then we’ll have megatalls everywhere. Just me maybe.


Build away, lads! There’s massive demand for these units.



Daltontanner has figured out where the location of this model could be and I’m convinced he correctly identified it. Cheers.

So to not derail the Steinway thread, I moved it here where it should be.

One Seaport Model next to the very tall 80 South St Model

Again in SHoP’s model below, One Seaport (Dark Shaded Tower) is adjacent to the very tall 80 South

If One Seaport is slated to rise to 670’ and in that model, 80 South looks to be more than twice the size at around 1,400’+

Cheers fellas!! This is indeed the Age of the Ramses!


He is correct. :slight_smile:


This is the Age, Lads!!!


I copy+paste the One seaport model until I hit the top of 80 South Streeet and it came out to 1425 ft. The angle of the picture isn’t perfect the actual number might be slightly bigger.


Yep, I think that is a good approximation of the height.


Bring it on!


The air rights transaction for the adacent property closed on March 17, 2016! Let’s get this party started!!!

Hughes conveyed the lot itself (and the rights it already owned) on March 16, 2016:


Kinda why in regards to the market below 3 million, De Blasio has not been aggressive enough when it comes to housing. EVEN in the midst of the greatest boom since the 20’s, it’s not enough to keep up with the 500k-3 million range. Even rentals. $2000 to $3500 is very much desired.


I agree. Hope we can see some action this fall or Q4. But I’d settle for Q1 of 2017. This is going to really shift the dynamics of the skyline downtown. Might be the catalyst needed for a height shift from the western flank all the way to the East. WTC has held a dominance on the skyline, and the eyes always shift to the West. 80 South will add some sort of balance or counterweight in terms of aesthetics. Almost like a skyscraper seesaw.


I agree, Chris. I can’t wait for this tower!



This will have an enormous impact when viewed from Brooklyn!

Oct 11th

Various photos of the Heights!


I love Brooklyn Heights


I agree, VG.