NEW YORK | 80 Flatbush Ave | 840 + 510 FT | FLOORS


This is terrible. Looks like a giant smoke stack.


Downtown Brooklyn just can’t catch a break.


Should just build IM Pei’s 1954 Grand Central replacement if we’re going cylindrical.


And why the box over the old brick building. Smh. Just tear it down in that case.


For some reason, my Kaspersky security suite blocked 80 flashbush’s teaser site. Had to add it to exceptions list.

Am I the only one getting this false positive?


maybe its landmarked?


i like this redesign and how the tallest tower floats above the base. Too bad that they couldn’t get it taller in exchange for tapering it.


Look at the base of the tallest tower, where it curves inward, that’s a great looking detail


Sad and bleak, but oddly a vast improvement over the last design. Meanwhile, they may as well have demolished the historic school buildings in this plan. Setting back the cantilever (or whatever that addition is) even just a little would have made a world of difference.


Maybe the reality will look better the rendering, this is terrible.


This tower is a much better design than the last one. The last one was just a boring box. It was the shorter weird cousin to 432 park ave. We already have that tower, it’s called 432 park ave. This tower has some personality with a cool base. I think y’all were too attached to the height of the last tower.