NEW YORK | 80 Flatbush Ave | 840 + 510 FT | FLOORS


I’ve read multiple sources corroborating phase 2’s 986’ figure. Hopefully it will remain a supertall.



Brooklyn Community Board 2 members argue that the project sits in Boerum Hill and should hence be more contextual, but the project is in the the Downtown Brooklyn Special District, which environmental impact statement notes.
This type of friction in the early stages of large-scale projects such as 80 Flatbush is not uncommon, but the vote by the land use committee might give an indication about how the full community board will vote next month, and the Brooklyn Borough President after that.


Another great story by our man, Yimby!


YIMBY was quoted by CUozzo in the Post!!!


this NIMBY wesbite reported the first tower will be 560’. The newer renderings support this, as it seems to be taller than One Hanson.


The vote was unanimous, with one commissioner abstaining and a second recusing herself.

The development drew plenty of opposition from neighborhood groups, activists and local politicians during a lengthy hearing at Brooklyn Borough Hall in May, but it also received supportive testimony from pro-development groups, transportation advocates, labor unions and civic organizations.

The project heads to the City Council zoning subcommittee for a vote next week, followed by the council land use committee. The full council has to vote on the proposal by the end of September. Councilman Steve Levin oversees the district in which the property sits and has the final say over whether Alloy and ECF get their rezoning.


Excellent news! :beers:


I’m glad this is moving forward. The nimby’s put up a good fight but in the end this will be great for the neighborhood and Brooklyn.


My only issue with these projects in Brooklyn is that they’re wiping out small businesses.


“Its a transition block!” >superficial height and FAR reduction? K!

The developers agreed to reduce the floor area ratio (FAR) from 18—which would have made it one of the city’s most dense projects—to 15.75; they also agreed to shave some height from the two skyscrapers that will dominate the development. A proposed 986-foot supertall will now stand 840 feet, and the second tower will shrink from 560 to 510 feet.

However, the community benefits touted by Alloy—including two schools and 200 units of permanently affordable housing—will remain. Furthermore, the schools—which will measure about 100,000 square feet—will have to be built first in order for the rest of project to proceed. Another point of contention for local residents—loading docks on State Street—have also been eliminated entirely from this new plan.


Whoa. That’s a very different design. I like the new taller tower, but I wish the two towers complemented each other better.


Still good news in hindsight. Still kinda useless for it to be reduced… but HEY… you can’t always please or begin to understand the mentally incompetent… so in the spirit of being jolly…


At least it was voted on and approved. We lost a little height, design change, density… but if it means it’ll rise, and appease those morons… we can all sleep well tonight.


It looks like a giant smokestack.


I can’t think of the name, but I swear it looks like a super tall in Asia. Similar design ( the taller tower that is).


Here we go. A tab bit similar, especially the top. More cylindrical in nature (80 Flatbush).

Citic Tower

Over in Beijing.


I like the new design better, this feels more memorable.


Disappointed in the height reduction. However at 840 ft it is still quite imposing for Brooklyn standards so at least something skyline impacting will be built. It could’ve been a lot worse.


I must admit, China builds beautiful towers and there is no debating they are roof height tall (no so called “spires”).


my mind went to the old Tour Phare proposal for Paris.I hope this design is retained. They’ve radically altered it once, whats to say they won’t again, before it begins construction in the 2020s? Im a bit skeptical, unsure if what we’ve seen so far for phase 2 are placeholders. At least the affordable housing component remained unmolested with the FAR cut, and 840ft is still significant for the outer boroughs.


I like it a lot.