NEW YORK | 80 Centre St. Detention Centre | FT | 40 FLOORS


From NY Post:

"As part of the city’s sweeping plan to close its troubled Rikers Island jail facility, a nine-story government building at 80 Centre Street would be gutted and replaced with a new detention center that could rise as high as 40 stories, the Mayor’s Office said. "

Steven Hirsch

Affordable Housing is also being talked about. From NY Daily News:

“Today, we are presented with an opportunity to take the rest of that land back to create more affordable housing, cultural amenities and much needed parking for Chinatown,” Chin said in statement. “We must maximize this opportunity by ensuring that all voices are heard as part of this process.”

Maybe will get out own Peach Trees!!! (from Judge Dredd)


I wonder if they’ll have a penthouse for the Bernie Madoffs

Seriously though, the higher levels of the buildings in the administrative district have great views.


A fresh jail skyscraper… wonder how that’ll look.

I don’t know why this reminded me but there’s an empty lot a fair distance from here at Chambers and Elk that needs to be redeveloped. It’s an eyesore. It has been empty for 47 years, or at least since they demolished that old 1870s building that was there in 1971.