NEW YORK | 794 Flatbush Avenue | FT | 14 FLOORS



Fantastic. This is an underutilized site on a very prominent corner in Flatbush with very good transit access. I’ve been by this market and it’s interesting and funky, but definitely underutilized…especially the city-subsidized surface parking lot. Look forward to seeing this rise. I’m pleasantly surprised it got past the community board without NIMBYs killing it over parking and height concerns.

P.S. R8A districts allow buildings up to 120 feet…how are they going to build 14 stories?


The headline is wrong. It has not yet been approved; it will go before the subcommittee on March 28.


Yup. But the article states that it got past the community board already. Usually NIMBYs rear their heads at the community board stage, and it’s not brought before the City Council’s zoning subcommittee until the councilmember for the district is ready to vote in favor of it. We’ll see.