NEW YORK | 77 Greenwich Street | 503 FT | 40 FLOORS


The heinous garages must go, and the BB Tunnel entrance should be decked over to create green space.


Nov 28

These heinous garages (one of which is seen here) and the BBT anus must go!




Is this 77 greenwich street? NEW YORK | 77 Greenwich Street | 500 FT | ? FLOORS. They seem to have similar designs and very close locations. It sure does look like the same project. If so could we merge em?
If not, its crazy 2 large projects are so close to eachother. @chris08876 can we merge them if they are the same?


These are the same projects


Scaffolding going up




Nice update, Brooklyn.



So it’ll start in 2019 and end in the beginning of summer 2021






This is finally coming down.


Did u see any demo going on? Cause the scaffolds are up for a while now.


There was active demo going on ( lots of workers in the 2nd pic)

Plus the building is only half the size it was just a few months ago.


Thanks! I dindnt notice that in the second pic… good news!


That’s great. That Syms building was such an eyesore.


Site as of today, 8/2


Great shot!