NEW YORK | 77 Greenwich Street | 503 FT | 40 FLOORS


I can’t wait for this white POS that housed Syms to come down.

I don’t believe that the red brick building (46 Trinity Pl) that houses America’s Deli or the empty lot to the north are part of this project. As per ACRIS, 46 Trinity was last conveyed in 2001.

Feb 5, 2016


This thread needs a title change: 77 Greenwich Street / 500ft / (?) floors


I’m not surprised that they did not go the supertall route here because the location doesn’t warrant it.

As can be seen from this overhead photo by FX Fowle, this area is dominated by the two, HUGE, heinous Battery garages and by the exit from
The Battery Tunnel.

There was a plan years ago to build a gorgeous Frank Willliams tower over the west garage.

The second garage to the east should just come down.

There was also talk of decking over the submerged portion of the Tunnel exit. That would create green space and would enhance this bleak location.

The plan was referred to as Greenwich Street South, and info regarding it can be found here:

This is the park that was envisioned by covering the tunnel exit.


Waiting for Godot!

Cinco de Mayo


Still nothing happening on June 3rd.

Here’s a great rendering on FX Fowle’s website:

P.S.: The undulating glass looks great. Also, as per the website, that’s limestone!!


I agree! Nice find.

Great to see the base in detail and the use of limestone is def a nice touch.

I like the new renderings and now looking forward to this development eagerly.


I agree, VG.

The city really needs to demolish these garages and build a deck over the BBT entrance.

This project, while very nice, is in the worst part of Lower Manhattan, but that area can be improved dramatically.


Do you remember this pre-Crash proposal? It should be resuscitated ASAP.


Yea, they really should revisit this. It would dramatically change the area for the better that could spur more developments.


Also, more schools could be built at the bases of towers that replace those garages. Those MTA garages were another mistake by Robert Moses.


Supposedly demo is underway.


Nice! Nothing had started as of July 1st. The netting wasn’t even up.


July 8th

I saw no signs of demolition today.


Perhaps it’s interior demo?


Nothing seems to be going on, but up a few blocks, the old Trinity building is now completely demo’d and the bridge over Church Street has one end that leads to nowhere… will try snapping a pic tomorrow!


I have a photo. This is from Greenwich St.


That’s what I’m thinking. Maybe they are hauling garbage out of the current structure there.


It looks like demo is about to start!!!

July 21st


I walked by on Aug 3rd. They’re getting ready for demo!


More demo prep!

Aug 16th

The rippled west facade will be stunning!


this will help to better balance out the po-mo towers in the southern section of Battery Park City, as does 50 West Street.