NEW YORK | 77 Greenwich Street | 500 FT | ? FLOORS


Great shot!


I hope that those heinous Battery garages are razed



Great shot, Brome.

Do you have any recent photos of the demo at SL Green’s buildings on the West side of B’Way near Cortlandt St?

PS: That crappy garage must come down.


Who owns that garage? PA?


I think so. As seen from this aerial, it’s huge and heinous. Those garages should be razed, and the BBT should be decked over. That would make an amazing greenspace.

Furthermore, huge new schools could be built at the bases of new towers. These, together with the one that will be built at 77 Greenwich, could provide a new campus.



From a few days ago


Nice shots, JC



Great update, JC.

I urgently want that crappy garage across the street to come down too.