NEW YORK | 75-83 Nassau Street | 498 FT | 40 FLOORS


I assume that this project is dead. It’s a shame.

Not to be a broken record, but I hope that this filthy eyesore on Maiden is redeveloped.

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I walked by a couple weeks ago. Definitely dead for now.

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That stinks. Thanks for the update though.

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still no action

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Lexin Capital is the developer behind 75 Nassau. This project appears to be stuck in development limbo for reasons which aren’t clear. Unfortunately, almost none of these developers are public companies, so obtaining accurate information about their projects is always difficult or impossible. Even when a developer does release information, there’s no onus to be completely forthright and truthful. NYC development is still very much an opaque business.

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Just around the corner is 140 Fulton, a lot that abuts 75 Nassau. Hidrock Properties is the developer and documents suggest a 40-story residential building is planned for that site. Again, though, most NYC developers are private companies and have no obligation to share any information with anyone except their creditors.