NEW YORK | 75-83 Nassau Street | 498 FT | 40 FLOORS


I walk by often, and continue to see small signs of progress toward demolition. Whatever/whoever was keeping the lobby light on at 81 Nassau is finally gone, so it seems that building is now 100% vacant. Occasionally I see contractor types going in and out. So it’s hard to tell what the schedule is, but the site doesn’t seem completely abandoned, construction-wise.


This is a stunning tower. Something will rise here. I hope that this design is built and soon!!


Sidewalk sheds are going up today along the whole row! It looks like the remaining demolition will start imminently.


Thanks for the update, Brome.

This tower will be amazing.

I love the ground level.



P.S.; Brome, Can you post a photo?’ I hope that all of the new towers here will lead to better retail. All of the junky, discount stores on this stretch need to go.


The shed is done and now higher scaffolding is going up.


Thanks, Brome. I was starting to fear that this great proposal would not rise.


Just for the 75th parcel.


What do you mean, Chris?


In response to:

I checked the DOB only for No. 75.

Was stuff also filed for the other parcels that comprise the site?

Just 75 Nassau for the DOB violations.


Thanks, Chris. I subsequently checked DOB for the other parcels, and demo docs were filed in early Dec.


They’re definitely prepping to demo all three buildings at once.


They’re working fast with the scaffolding


Now that this beauty is proceeding, the next project on my downtown wishlist is the redevelopment of the hyper heinous two-story 59 Nassau St. Not only is it horrendous, but it’s an utter waste of a prime spot. It’s right on the corner of Maiden and Nassau.


City Realty reports this building to be 48 floors, up from the original 40 floors.

I wonder if we’re getting a major height boost. As long as the design stays roughly the same, I’m happy with the additional density.


I agree. I just hope that the same design is used.


Very nice. Just some extra diagrams.


How it will look in the skyline.




Windows gone. Demolition work is officially underway.