NEW YORK | 75-83 Nassau Street | 498 FT | 40 FLOORS


I agree. I just hope that the same design is used.


Very nice. Just some extra diagrams.


How it will look in the skyline.




Windows gone. Demolition work is officially underway.


Great update, Brome.


Black netting is now wrapped around all the buildings for demo.



Did you get any shots of SLG’s project on B’Way near Fulton?


The veil of death has fallen
rejoice! :beers:


Steady stream of demo/dumpsters coming out to the garbage trucks today.


There’s finally real progress visible from the street. At least a couple of the top floors are completely gone.


Nice shots, Brome.

My next goal for downtown is for the heinous two story building at 25 John (at the corner of Maiden) to be redeveloped.





Great shots, JC


I’d love to see that go as well.

There so much development in the city, it’s easy to forget about some great towers. This one is absolutely beautiful, can’t wait to see it rise!




Great shot, Brome.


As of yesterday most of the debris had been cleared.