NEW YORK | 701 7th Ave (Edition Hotel) | 516 FT | 42 FLOORS








Great photo, Chris!!!


3/3 some night shots. The glass facade is up and it looks nice. The huge screen section has gotten more metal framing. But unfortunately, I didn’t get shots of that.





From Earthcam today





Nice!.. hope we get the jumbo screen within the next few months



Hey 5B what sort of camera are you using when you shoot? Your pics always come out so well


Hey GV, that really depends. Prior to last week it was either iphone, Rolleiflex 2.8, or a 645z. I just picked up a Fuji X-Pro2 and it’s kind of amazing I have to say. I only have a fixed 23mm for it so cannot do any telephoto CU shots like some of the other guys get. That’s the only drawback for now. There has been a steeper learning curve w/this camera than I was expecting but overall I’m impressed w/it. I took a whole bunch of shots of One Manhattan Square the other day and didn’t realize the focus was set to manual ( the camera has a hybrid viewfinder meaning you can opt to use the optical viewfinder and turn off the EVF to save battery and this was the setting I was using. I had also turned off the audio alert which would have told me it was or wasn’t focusing but if you want to shoot discreetly it needs to be off). I thought the diopter was just messing w/me but turns out all the pics were out of focus and so did not post them. Gotta say, it’s really fun to shoot w/this little guy. I have a 5x7 view camera but I have yet to bust that out on the architecture - definitely not a camera you want to walk around with all day.

Above pics are all done w/the Fuji. Dec '16 Jan '17 were 645z (again, only have a WA lens for that beast)


awesome! Thanks for the info 5b!







Crews working into the night. Quite the activity near the base tonight.

Edit: for some reason it came out mostly white. Click on it to zoom in.