NEW YORK | 701 7th Ave (Edition Hotel) | 516 FT | 42 FLOORS


This is really starting to grow!




Nice photo, Tec.


Another night shot


Great photo, NYC.





Bonus shots!


Do you or anyone know if there is some kind of zoning law that limits/ puts a majority of billboards at a certain the height in Times Square? I noticed that most of the jumbo screens like the Marriott Marquis, American Eagle Oufitters, and those on 1540 Broadway across from Marriott Marquis, all stop at a certain height above the street. Is that because of zoning to allow sunlight and not create a dark canyon, or a mix of careful observance in which advertisers know the human eye can only see up to a certain angle before the eyes can’t make a clear judgement of something beyond their peripheral? Always wondered about this


^^ Funny… I thought about the same when I was there a few days ago!





Nov 4


This is making serious progress.


I agree. It’s not very tall or complex, so it should top out by the spring.



Great photo, 5B.


Thanks RW. I’ve worked in this neighborhood since the mid-90’s so have a pretty good catalogue of the changes [EDIT - I like it better in B&W]


I look forward to seeing your other photos, 5B. This area has changed and (improved) dramatically. I think that it will get even better in the coming years.


Nov 10


Earth cam happened to be pointing to the tower. Taken just now


Nov 17