NEW YORK | 701 7th Ave (Edition Hotel) | 516 FT | 42 FLOORS




The building is boring, but the screen is amazing


Makes me think this with black glass would of been wicked. Think of it like millennium hotel at Church St…


Good idea. I AGREE.








:slight_smile: Massive.

Floyd vs McGregor on the screen?


When does this go online? Excited!
Will it be subdivided or just one big ad at the time?


I could imagine given its big size, it could be separated or even combined for interactiveness. Similar to other large screens that can take pics of the crowd. Maybe it’ll be a collage of different videos. But the visuals given the pixels can mean a lot of dynamic imagery.


The screen is on!




Quite big. Just use the people and cars as a reference



It’s like a whole ‘piccadilly circus’ sized screen tucked into that corner of Times Square



Omggg those 3d effects are killlling meeeee
so awesome.
It feels like blade runner


Nice shot, Nick!



For a second I thought the panels were really moving, you know, with the new Coca Cola sign any screen could move now


Cladding over the northern concrete shearwalls is underway.