NEW YORK | 685 First Ave | 459 FT | 42 FLOORS


So true. My real subject matter here is the greenfield/ empty lot which is a so much more interesting than #685.


I agree.

The biggest problem with “So low” is his planned demolition of four stunning buildings on 57th St. I wouldn’t trade them for a Verre-caliber tower, let alone a fat, glass box that “So Low” surely will build.


Credit: Martin Kalfatovic




This building sucks. I hope that So-Low becomes incapacitated before he razes gorgeous old buildings on 57th and replaces them with a crappy glass box like this.


Credit: FC


Pic by me. Taken today.

Was trying to go for a apocalyptic vibe. 685 1st can be seen in the background, center. This trees and wasteland landscape describes my adventures on the BQE today. This picture encapsulates how my day went.

unnamed by Christopher Estevez, on Flickr


Cool pic Chris. Is that the back of that sign that says “Long Island”?


Nice shot, Chris.


This one really is quite boring. I didnt even realize I took pics of it last week. Just kinda blends in. Luckily something else will block its view along the river someday.


Something just as bland lol. The west side outshines the east side. A RAMSA would have been a good compliment to Tudor City here.


I can’t stand So Low.

I dread the gang rape of the gorgeous buildings on 57th that he plans. It will be worse than what happened to poor Lucretia.


Solow is a schmuck, what a complete lack of vision and ambition.
Hopefully this old fashioned vision will not last through the next generation


He is a shmuck.

The old buildings on 57th should be landmarked.






Yesterday, by the way some type of work is going on in the field infront.




So Low.


New-York-Août18-702.jpg by Carlo Santangelo, on Flickr