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earlier today


Some passing shots


Ha! …yep.


These blatantly anti-Semitic comments (shylock, shekel, etc.) need to stop.




Me too. Crude is rude, at least to those of us interested in restoring some degree of civility to a society riven by a stream of vituperative commentary.


It’s just a joke.

It’s similar to how the media (and a lot of the American public) from the very first day made mob references about Scaramucci and leveled every stereotype in the book against him. Everyone had a good laugh.

No one takes this stuff to heart.


Let’s all be nice, on this one I am inclined to go with WW, everyone just be polite :slight_smile:



I haven’t seen your posts in a long time.

How have you been?

The site is better than ever!


seen from 225 E 39th St, courtesy of Field Condition



Solow’s aesthetic seems to be stuck in the 70s and 80s.


And this shmuck plans to raze gorgeous buildings on 57th and surely will build a cheap glass box in its place. Hopefully, he’ll die before that happens.


OMG Robert thats terrible. If he dies I don’t think it would change much.


He’s really old.




Manhattan from the East River by Stephen Mildenhall, on Flickr




Great photos, 5b, but the lame tower is "So low’!