NEW YORK | 685 First Ave | 459 FT | 42 FLOORS


This is rare, but I disagree with Robert. I welcome any buildings with dark glass. Love the dark, brooding Gotham feel.


This will be done in the blink of an eye. Classic Solow.


Nice shot!


Beautiful picture, Tectonic!


Really? Thanks though. :slight_smile:


it looked like they were digging on the lot across the street [at the former coned redevelopment] when I went past today. Anyone know if that is happening and how long its been going on?


I didnt notice anything across the street yesterday.

A couple different angles of the site. And an on site rendering shows how awesome this will look! /s


Should start rising soon…



This project will suck, but your photos are awesome!


From Oct 14



First column forms are in place


Great updates, SideStreet!




Nice photo, Tec!


Guess we just missed each other yesterday


What’s the hold up across the street. We’re in the middle or maybe the top of a boom and Solow has vacant land just sitting there.



Great find Robert. Does Mr. Solow own the parcel shaded in green?


Thanks, NYC.

I don’t know who owns the green parcel.


He does own the adjacent parcel