NEW YORK | 685 First Ave | 459 FT | 42 FLOORS


He does own the adjacent parcel


The green colored one right?






6 stories


Nice photo, NYC.

This building sucks though.


r_170117004_beat0004_a by Mitch Waxman, on Flickr



This one is going up fast!



You covered every inch of East Midtown today!


I went up pretty far too. Now Im exhausted.


I hope you’re enjoying some frosty beers after that long day!


Here is a shot from Solow’s gigantic site across the street from 685.

There are a few excavators and rebar lying around but they may just be stored there for now (maybe this equipment was from 685? )

I feel like we would have heard something if anything real was going on.





Nice photo, JC. Where in Queens were you? I assume somehwhere around Greenpoint.


That one was taken on the LIC waterfront. Right at the end of 51st st iirc.


Nice job!


Interesting review of the tower. I like it. I love dark glass and am so thankful we have at least one developer who feels similarly. It adds diversity to the skyline of ever-increasing “regular” glass.

Also, interestingly enough, the article says Solow is planning on building some more residential towers and an office tower on that green parcel!


Good points, Lion!