NEW YORK | 660 5th Avenue | 1,400 FT | 80 FLOORS


Won’t be the first, won’t be the last


Skyscrapers with phallic designs? I am shocked!




She is insanely hot.



Wow, it’s really nice.


I agree, VG.


Not a bad tower, I must write. I like this one as well. :slight_smile:


Wow once you see it from the side it is really quite something.


I agree. I really hope that this is built. Kush needs a partner ASAP, or it seems that he will default and lose the property. I don’t care if he does as long as any new buyer pursues this plan. The bottom line is that investors know that the have Kush over a barrel.


$7.5B…jeez!! Good luck!



The odds of this getting built are decreasing by the minute.


I don’t think that’s true at all.

Conflicts or not, with Kushner’s massive influence, he will get an investor, and the conversion makes sense. This will be THE address in NY:


that is NYT, and this is an article about someone close to Trump… did you really think it was not going to be overly negative?

like Walpole said, this is too go of a location not to get something great.


2wtc is too good of a location not to get something great and look how that came out. I think something will get built but not in the near future, The guy might have the best location in the world, doesnt change the fact the building is in debt and that they currently have no remplacement deal. Don’t get me wrong, I really hope this gets made, I just think we could be looking at another long drawn out process. (Hopefully our good old peanut with a toupee donald uses some of his presidential influence to get this built if you see what I mean :wink: )


I think that all of the proposals for 2 WTC are great, and one will rise eventually. None has to date because no one can compete with Related.


different project though.

This one is mixed use, where as 2WTC is pure office.


Yeah, but the the current market is also unfortunately oversaturated with luxury residential buildings. Like I said I really hope this gets built and I think it eventually will just like 2wtc however I just think it might take some time


But this tower won’t be open until like 2025. There will be many ultra luxury towers between now and then.