NEW YORK | 660 5th Avenue | 1,400 FT | 80 FLOORS


This has to happen!

This will be an iconic landmark!!!


I’d love to see other angles. It likely wouldn’t look nearly as slender from any other angle.

It looks like a streamlined, slightly-more-attractive version of 45 Broad St to me. But the design is not nearly as bold/interesting as I expect from Hadid.


But I assume that she had to work with the constraints of the existing structure, which it seems that this just adds onto.

I also doubt that the addition extends as far west as the existing structure. It seems that a 40 story addition would have to be relatively thin.

Maybe Falcone can weigh in. He seems to be an engineer.




This tower is nice. Don’t get me wrong New York is skyscraper capital, but what Dubai has accomplished in such a small amount of time is incredible and it’s something New York is falling back on. As you mentioned, New York has a lot of buildings under construction that will surpass the height of 1,250 feet, but Dubai accomplished that a long time ago. (In terms of amount of buildings above that height)


But Dubai is a mega rich place, With no regulations, and dirt cheap construction costs. The two cities can’t be compared.


Robert’s right. The two cities can’t be compared.

Dubai’s growth is very impressive but it is state mandated growth meant to attract tourists. Many of they’re skyscrapers are built on spec while NYC tends to wait for the free market conditions to necessitate building something.

Take 2wtc for example. While we’d all love to see it built and we have opinions on what silverstein should do, he’s not constructing that thing without an anchor tenant.

While I really love some of the buildings over in Dubai and wish NYC would make some megatalls of their own, I think it’s better to build something that you actually have the money/need for instead of bankrupting yourself on unnecessary bombastic projects.

This short article from natgeo is kinda neat if you wanna read more about it:


Great story by Yimby’s Reid Wilson.


they dont


Incredible! Zaha Hadid would be proud to see this planned as one of New Yorks future giant icons.

This towers location will really help to fill in the gap in the skyline between 432 and 53w53, and what a contrast in designs these 3 towers will have! The gap being filled in wiĺl be especially noticeable when viewed from Central Park.

Just when I thought Manhattan was beginning to slow down, it just keeps on pumping!




“Mr. Kushner: Tear down this wall!”

These gems warrant a better neighbor.


This drek deserves to die and be replaced by this icon.



Zaha has been dead for a year yet she continues to do work for autocrats. This architect is capable of anything!


Given the political problems, it’s not surprising that Anband backed out. Other investors will step in, and Kushner is committed.


Based on the Render, this Tower looks to be over 1400 feet for sure.


After making a 3d model of the building, I noticed how much it looks like a penis…well done


Actually, it looks more like a tampon.