NEW YORK | 660 5th Avenue | 1,400 FT | 80 FLOORS


Amen brother!


Wow! What a beautiful building. Sad!



Bring on the next wave of supertalls! New York is unstoppable!


This is the Age!


Indeed. Each borough in itself, minus staten island, if it where its own U.S. city, would be in the top 10 in terms of towers u/c or in the pipeline. The capital invested is incredible. The Bronx is up next.


Staten island might not have much under construction but what it does have: the wheel, will be the second tallest wheel in the world . I will drink to that! Cheers to the age of ramses :beers:


SI is also building up some housing. They recently completed their own ‘Urby’ and have more units planned near the wheel and mall at ‘Lighthouse Point’ There’s also a pretty large development slated for Rosebank.

to veer a little off topic, even Bayonne is getting in on things with a new tallest.

the construction boom is city-wide, and it is far from over.


Zaha Hadid Architects


Is this it???

Looks awesome!!


Holy shit!!!


that might be the most appropriate usage yet! :smiley:


Nice! Ironically it looks middle eastern.


I could see Anbang marketing this to very rich Chinese citizens, but also, I could see the Chinese consulate to the UN moving here and occupying a lot of space. Their current digs don’t befit the No. 2 superpower in the world. This, by contrast, would make a SERIOUS statement regarding Chinese power!!!


Tears are flowing from my tear ducts.

New York, New York!

R.I.P. Zaha. Thank you.


I’d be for that. Really, I’d be for any sort of Chinese or Arab money building super talls here in the U.S… I’d rather see 10 arab or Chinese funded super talls here than in Dubai. At least here, they have a better home. Surrounded by rivers and a name that is loved. NYC!

I think the first mega tall here will be Chinese/arab funded. When that day comes.


Dubai has 4 completed towers that are taller than 1,250 feet, which is the height of the most famous building in the world: The Empire State Building.

New York will have Central Park Tower, 111 West 57th Street, 660 5th Avenue, 432 Park Avenue, 30 Hudson, One Vanderbilt, One and Two World Trade Center, and 80 South Street that are taller than 1,250 feet.

Many more will come.

Dubai who?

There’s only one world capital!



Dubai also has a population similar to Denver!

Denver: 2,814,330
Dubai: 2,704,278.

I still don’t understand how they can fill all of those towers!


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