NEW YORK | 66 Hudson Blvd (The Spiral) | 1,030 FT | 68 FLOORS


Me too.


I hope that no one signs on, and Tishman changes the design. I’d rather see a few smaller buildings than just this.


I think this design would look much better if it continued upwards for another 750-1000 feet. It’s too stout for only 1000 feet.


Agreed – something like this, maybe:


It’s an interesting design, it just needs to be taller otherwise it will get lost in the crowd thats going to be the west side in about 5 years time.


Now, that’s a kick ass tower!


Just like that… it would be one of my favorites then


Even add two spires like the John Hancock Tower and I think it would be a fantastic tower then.


While I don’t find this to be an opus, it’s way better than Fister’s lame box at 50 HY.


Click for full image
So something like this? (Excuse the floors)


Yes!!! Cheers.


I’m not an architect. But as a layman, I do take issue with many designs I see proposed, especially in high profile sites in cities I love. In this case I think the proportions are wrong, and the scale is underwhelming. So – this being a discussion forum – I try to apply some basic design principles to see what might work better, as a way to touch off discussions.

Sorry these experiments apparently offend you but frankly, to answer your question, yes, plenty of people have responded positively to the results. Certainly more than respond positively to your deranged outbursts.

I’m not sure where all your anger comes from (although I know you’re one of Bjarke’s biggest fans and apparently feel you have to defend him). I deleted my earlier response because it was in poor taste to make light of mental illness, but I do truly hope you’re seeing somebody.


Thanks for your honest response MarshallKnight. I too wish that commentary on these forums was kinder and gentler. There are lots of way to express agreement and disagreement other than screeds. Maybe it just reflects the general decline in decorum and manners now afflicting American culture, but it still leaves me cold. Calling out those lacking manners is perhaps one way to let people know that how we talk to each other makes a difference.


I think that this is the most polite forum. We all seem to get along very well.

You guys even tolerate my occasional post of Salma!


Ok guys lets get back to the topic.

We don’t want to become even one iota of citydata (which is full of clueless people). We are better than that.

We can read, write, think., and have good taste for architecture.

@ MarshallKnight

Your efforts are appreciated. :smile:


When there’s an architect, there’s always love and hate. I’ll deal with it in the future




Both 50 HY and The Spiral have huge lots.


Hell’s Kitchen should be renamed Hell Hole (in the skyline)


I hope that Morgan Stanley anchors this and doesn’t go to 50 HY. While I vastly prefer 200 Greenwich to this, I like this better than 50.