NEW YORK | 66 Hudson Blvd (The Spiral) | 1,030 FT | 68 FLOORS


If BR goes to 50 HY, I cannot see Big’s Spiral being built. This is an enormous site which could support two 1.5m sf towers.

If Tishman finds a 500k sf tenant, it could start one tower with 1m sf of office and 500k sf of hotel, apartments, and retail. It could start tower 2 under a similar scenario.

I don’t think that Tishman could let this site sit empty for ten years with the hope of finding a 1m sf tenant. It spent over $600m to acquire the site and air rights, and the revenue from the garage could never service its debt.

This site is physically enormous. The garage alone is huge. Two huge towers with green space in the middle would be ideal. That’s precisely what Brookfield is doing at MW.



This project needs a new, two tower design.

This site is physically enormous. Everything seen in this photo is part of the site. It seems to be twice the size of the One Vanderbilt site. This, I’d like to see two, thinner 1,100’ towers here with a plaza between them.


I’d prefer the 1,800ft proposal that was originally marketed for the site!


Me too, but that’s not happening.


I agree. That’s not happening.

Our only hope for a megatall in Manhattan is for Prince Alwaleed to choose our city as the site for his tallest tower in the world!


That’s not happening either. The city would oppose it.

Nordstrom will be the tallest tower for a long time.



I think I’m in the minority here, but I like this tower.


I love this tower! Here are some renders I found that we might have not seen:

^ this photo is just expanded ^


Expiriencing with 3d models! I wish I had a 3d printer though!! :confounded:


You’re not alone, I also like the design. I like when they incorporate a green space component. Same reason I like BIG’s 2wtc. It’s not like I dislike Foster’s version. But I’m a sucker for the designs that unify city & nature


I don’t think this will rise any sooner than Vornado’s 15 Penn.

There are very few tenants who can commit to the 1m sf needed to get this tower started.

Unlike 15 Penn, which has a comparatively minuscule debt service and which has an asset that generates significant revenue, Tishman’s parking lots can’t generate nearly enough revenue to service $600m in debt. Thus, Vornado has the freedom to wait twenty years, but Tishman does not.

Tishman will be forced to resort to a plan that can be built in stages.


Haven’t the plans been filled already?


Yes, but That means nothing.

Something eventually will rise at 15 Penn, but I doubt it will be Pelli’s proposal from 2005 for which plans were filed and approved.


I agree. Like with 2 WTC, a new design will come to the Pennsylvania Hotel redevelopment to match an anchor tenant’s demand.


I concur, Yim.



I wonder what company is the client for this office rendering?


Sadly, we most likely wont see a new design there until our next boom.