NEW YORK | 66 Hudson Blvd (The Spiral) | 1,030 FT | 68 FLOORS


Also, 3m SF is enormous and will require at least a 1m SF commitment which is not easy to get. That site is physically enormous. I’d like to see it broken down into a two tower, mixed use proposal with a maximum of 2m SF of office, 500-750k SF of residential/hotel and 300-500k SF of retail.

I’d be elated to see a 1000’ version of Big’s high line project for HFZ.


I think something like what you just described is much more likely, look at what is happening at 50 Hudson Yards… same situation here I suspect.


I agree, Yimby.


Per Crains, Blackrock has narrowed its search to “The Spiral” and 50 Hudson Yards next door.


Bet that means they will pick 50HY


Plans filed!


I must admit, I think I prefer this design to BIGs at 2WTC.

Nice article btw!


Im guessing this means Blackrock chose the Spiral.


Is this a “Hudson Yards” tower because it’s connected with the Highline?


there is (or more accurately, there will be) an over-arching ‘Hudson Yards’ neighborhood - it is a rezoned district in Midtown West between Hells Kitchen and Chelsea. The Railyard redevelopment is its centerpiece, all of it being developed by the Related/Oxford.
A good rule of thumb is that if it has “Hudson Boulevard” in the name, its part of the new neighborhood. 55 Hudson Yards is technically not a part of the railyard redevelopment, but it borders it and Related acquired it. It would have been “One Hudson Boulevard” under Extell.


Pfizer to seek more modern Manhattan headquarters

Pfizer Inc (PFE.N), the largest U.S. drugmaker, said on Thursday it aims to sell its New York City world headquarters buildings in midtown Manhattan by the end of 2017 and to begin moving into more modern Manhattan facilities no sooner than the first half of 2019.

“This move is being driven by the significant investment that would be required to bring the (existing) buildings to modern standards,” Pfizer said, adding it had notified employees of the plans on Wednesday.

Pfizer’s current headquarters includes buildings on East 42nd Street having about 1 million square feet of space. A newer complex would foster greater collaboration and innovation, said company spokeswoman Joan Campion.


Out of all the supertalls towers going up in NY, this one is by far the worst. The design is bland just sems like a let down. I am not a BIG hater, I love the pyramid and 2wtc is OK. Maybe this would look better if it was taller.


I wonder if Pfizer will seek wtc2? I’m sure they have the funds to afford it. I just hope Silverstein gets his downtown tenant soon.


I agree, Chris.


I like the design.

In this area, my least favorite are definitely 3 Manhattan West and 35 Hudson Yards.


I love this tower, but I hope that Pfizer moves to 200 Greenwich.

Anyway, I hope that it’s current, horrific HQ on 42nd St is razed.



I really hope that BR does not anchor this and that it’s redesigned.


We could see a couple more 425 Park type demos during the 2020s in Midtown East. Many of those towers will be approaching 60 years or older.


I agree,