NEW YORK | 66 Hudson Blvd (The Spiral) | 1,030 FT | 68 FLOORS


The Spiral in New York by Bjarke Ingels


Well they definitely need to increase their CG budget hahaha. Some of the CG felt like a school project hahaha. Otherwise cool vid.


Lego Architectural Model



Stacking floor plates for Bjarke’s Hudson Yards Spiral Tower




This would look better if it were taller, not as wide, and had a crown.


I agree with all your points RW!

I’m sure there will be modifications. More than anything, I wish it can be taller. Maybe adding another section would make it look better proportionately.


I agree, VG.

This won’t rise for a long time. I think it’s the largest tower proposed in NY in terms of SF and will require at least a 1m SF commitment. I suspect that Tishman will seek higher rents than 2 WTC, 50 HY, or Girasole.

I think the design will evolve over time.


Keep stacking!


I still don’t think this anywhere near the final design. I predict taller and skinnier


I agee, Vortex.

Even Tishman said it’s a preliminary design.


If is that so, I hope this tower turns out better and still a nice one to be built there. :slight_smile:


I don’t know about taller and skinnier. If anything, it seems like 30 HY is turning out to be the exception rather than the rule along Hudson Boulevard. I think a similarly-scaled behemoth is probably the likeliest evolution of the design, sans any frills like wraparound outdoor terraces etc.

While I would very much prefer a taller & soaring mixed-use building, if this is office-only, the likelihood of that is not high.


I disagree. I think that this won’t rise for a very long time, and for all we know, by the time it does, the design will be very different and much better.


Thats all we can hope for… a better design. The likelihood is bulky and probably taller than what we are seeing.
I predict it to come in the second wave (now that sounds ominous)


Now the tallest building in Thailand, MahaNakhon stands at 1,031 feet tall. It reminds me a bit of this tower. MahaNakhon looks fabulous, cant wait for our tower to rise! Photos are not mine, they are from


That’s a great tower!


lots of potential candidates!! Citibank?? JPMC?? Blackrock??


I think that this tower won’t rise for quite some time.


I agree. Especially because BIG’s designs are aimed at conceptual wonderfulness instead of being actually buildable (at least, IMO).