NEW YORK | 66 Hudson Blvd (The Spiral) | 1,030 FT | 68 FLOORS


A near super tall revealed. Quite a feat for Queens. 5 years ago, we would of never thought t a almost 300m tower would come out of LIC.

Also the JDS tower in DoBro. Can’t wait for that to rise. We have JC, DoBro, and LIC all having towers in the pipeline that are over 900 feet.


I know, these are amazing times! The NYC metro will have 5 unique skylines. Queens, Dobro, Jersey City, Downtown Manhattan and Midtown. The buildings going up in Queens, Brooklyn and Jersey city are going to be in the same height class as the tallest buildings in a majority of other major American Cities! Good Stuff!!


It looks like the building is made of floating segments – very cool!


I have a strong suspicion these renderings are only meant to attract an anchor tenant and that this will not be built (same situation as 200G).


Funny you say that. I had this feeling, when I saw the renders, that something taller is going to rise here. I could be totally wrong though


I don’t think wraparound outdoor terraces at substantial elevations – especially with exteriors done in wood – are feasible or viable. This is a “wow look at the potential” design, not something that can actually be built.


Interesting thought. Taken along with the strong possibility that Bjarke’s design for 2WTC gets tossed, that would seem to suggest that BIG is turning into a “fancy proof of concept” firm whose supertalls are too impractical to actually get built.

I actually like this design pretty well, although it seems impossible that the terraces would be anywhere close to that green. Even if you eliminated the outdoor terraces, the string of interior atria connecting every floor is a pretty special innovation.


That may be true. The design was expressly described in the WSJ article as “conceptual”.

I’d love to see BIG’s design for 200 Greenwich rise here

Terraced Tower Is Set to Rise Near the High Line

The Wall Street Journal
February 7, 2016
At the northern end of the High Line, Tishman Speyer is aiming to extend the park’s wild, natural beauty 65 stories into the air.

The developer plans to build a $3 billion-plus office tower in the Hudson Yards district that will feature cascading terraces decked with foliage, atriums with ceilings as high as 23 feet and a glass facade. Conceptual designs for what is being called
The Spiral will be formally unveiled Monday, launching the process of finding an anchor tenant.


You can get a panorama at 400 and 900 feet. Some great views! You can really appreciate how much DoBro and JC has grown!



I wonder what will actually rise here. I think it’s going to be much taller than the latest renderings.


I’m pretty sure BIG’s Spiral is what we’re getting. I just wish it was taller…


Me too! This site has potential to produce the city’s newest reigning undisputed super duper tall champ.


I’m still not convinced on the final design until it is rising up


I agree, Vortex.

Also, I think that it will be a very long time until this rises, and that, in turn, may lead to a new design. Consider, for example, 2 WTC. Further, Something will rise at 15 Penn, but will it be Pelli’s tower?


Exactly. If there’s anything I’ve learned by following skyscraper construction it’s this; Don’t believe the final design until it is topped out :slight_smile:


That’s definitely true. 220 CPS is another example.


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i wish I had the skill to build cool models!


I count 56 floors on the model. I also don’t think that it looks like the spiral design. Not sure what to think here. :smile: