NEW YORK | 66 Hudson Blvd (The Spiral) | 1,030 FT | 68 FLOORS


While I like this design, I feel it’s underwhelming compared to what potential the site has


I think the sage may be on to something. Fox to TIshman’s spire!


Also, given that this is 3 million square feet, the base should be enormous!


This is apparently named “The Spiral” and the address is 66 Hudson Boulevard.


You don’t get this info at other forums!

The NY bashing on other forums will now commence.

If this tower were proposed for Chicago or any other city, it would be hailed and anyone who criticized it would be banned.


Fan of the design, but underwhelmed by the height and façade.


It’s got a bit of a Tower of Babel look to it actually.


It’s massive, love it! Just huge and bulky as NYC.




While I like the width and the overall design, I think this should be taller, especially considering the potential square footage.

NYC really needs a 600 meter tower and I hope it happens somewhere soon. With so many buildings rising between 300-500 meters, it deserves a 600 meter center point, just like the ESB stood for over 40 years.



This, along with the HUGE news out of Queens, has made my week!


I’m ambivalent about this tower, but I really see NewsCorp expressing interst in it.

I assume that these trees on the terraces won’t happen. They look ridiculous. I’d like to see more renderings without them.


I agree about the trees, Robert.

This is a better tower than 1000 South Michigan.

Chicagoans would commit seppuku for this tower!


I agree, Lion, though I’m still disappointed that something better won’t rise here.


What’s the news out of Queens?

Also, I can’t help to wonder if this design may change and get taller. After all, we’ve seen how many revisions some of these towers get


I like the view from the n and s the best. The setbacks are much more pronounced.

Nice images in this link:


The Tower of Babel from Wikipedia; the comparison will be inevitable.


I don’t mind this tower to be honest. While I was kinda 50/50 on the BIG design for WTC2, and its a shame it didn’t go through with the Fox deal, but this design from Ingels is pretty good.

I kinda view the Hudson Yards as an experimental ground for new architecture. Its something new, unique, and while its height might not be stellar compared to what we are seeing in the 300m+ game, I for one can’t complain. Its still very tall, bulky, and looks nice from the river based on the renderings. There’s no denying the intricate thought that Ingels put into this, and like WTC2, there’s a sort of genius that the masses can’t see. This is still a grade A+++ tower.