NEW YORK | 66 Hudson Blvd (The Spiral) | 1,030 FT | 68 FLOORS


Higher quality


Really sick of blue boxes. HY needs some texture and angles.




HY reminds me of Houston or Dallas Texas: an excess of big blue boxes - with a few jazzy angle and curves to mask (or least attenuate) the overall architectural mediocrity of the place. Nice looking enough, slick and modern: but I am a bit disappointed overall with this lost opportunity. And, come to think of it: was this the parcel that was being held by Mayor Bloomberg for an OLYMPICS stadium: in hindsight that idea seems completely unlikely - what was he thinking.


Although I don’t care for his politics, Bloomberg was a savvy administrator. Doctorof had the vision for what the site could be and Bloomberg got the 7 train extension built. Without them HY would be a daydream.


There’s very little creativity here. To even call it a spiral is quite a stretch.


Exactly. The flagship towers are the most creative and thats sad.


Renders of this building (or any other spiral probably) are always a bit unrealistic. They show the planted trees in full bloom, lush and green and also like 30 feet high. They show the floors around the spiral as always being lit, to contrast with the non-spiral floors. I have serious doubts the finished product will have a dramatic spiral effect. I can imagine staring at this from Weehawken and barely seeing anything that resembles a spiral. Hate to be a pessimistic, but that’s how I feel! We’ll see!


You have a point. The renderings of this are very unrealistic. Of course it’s more a marketing ploy than anything else.


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Higher quality


Sad to see 30 HY blocked by an uninspired box.


Its funny that the render shows Moinian’s tower built, but omits 50 Hudson Yards.

50 HY has basically no setbacks on the 10th Ave side so the view of all of almost all of 10 HY and everything below the obs deck of 30 would be obstructed from this angle.




This is the more likely view I’d have to believe (sans trees.)



Bjarke at work:


To toss my opinion into the mix:
For one, @josh85 , that is the funniest meme I think I have seen for awhile, so thank you for that :joy: It is very true, especially in this case.

Now I must say though, this is one of my favorite projects going on. I know a lot of you guys don’t think so, but for me the height and the design are spectacular. Yes it’s a little bland, but check out the height and the girth of this monster.

Now I do think it could have been better, but this is what we got and I love it. I’m really just happy it’s going up. When I first saw it, I didn’t think it was going to actually be constructed.

But anyway that’s just what I think. Thanks for all the pics everyone! You’re why this community is as good as it is :heart: