NEW YORK | 66 Hudson Blvd (The Spiral) | 1,030 FT | 68 FLOORS


More ‘blue’ glass. Yawn.


My sentiments exactly. Tired and boring, with little effort or creativity.


this would have been stunning with frosted glass like on 390 Madison. It could have looked like an icy mountain.


I don’t care about “another blue glass tower” but I’d like to see some windows with other colors into them other than blue


Ive noticed that NYC buildings lack color. There was a new tower in Marseille just finished that has a multicolor facade and it looks stunning.


Is it 2 different shades of blue as seen on the prototype above? Or is that just the lighting that makes each level look different?


Precisely, or like the BofA tower. If this model were the true color with clear glass it would have been beautiful.








The tenants moving into 30 HY best not get too used to that view. It will be gone in a year


We have a tower crane. I also took some embarrassingly poor quality shots of the pit which looks ~3 months behind 50 HY.


Taken today by me:



dual tower cranes already. They’re not messing around.


Is this already street level?


no. its neighbor is.




Nice progress! Might be less than 2 months behind 50 HY