NEW YORK | 66 Hudson Blvd (The Spiral) | 1,030 FT | 68 FLOORS


I look forward to the Pfizer Tower.

I’d like to see MS anchor the Girasole, though they’re supposedly going here or to 50.


the annual excavator meet-up was hosted at Hudson Yards this year. Think the shrouded building being torn down is where The Spiral will be. The excavators might be for 50 HY.

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10 excavators! I walked by it the other day and it looked cool but seems like they would all get in the way of each other.

Great shot. You should cross post to 50 HY


I always thought Pfizer would choose a tower with a more Phallic design.




Tishman Speyer has spent $265 million in all for more than 1 million square feet of air rights.

The Bjarke Ingels–designed tower will feature signature landscaped terraces winding up its exterior. It has secured pharmaceutical giant Pfizer as its anchor tenant, leasing 800,000 square feet.


Has this extra space been included in the overall scope of the tower previously? It would be nice if they had more space now and could give the spiral some much needed extra height. It would look a lot better. As of now the design looks so wierd and awkward especially towards the top. It needs to keep going higher either with a bit more floor space up high or a much larger crown and spire to look right.






Great updates, JC


All buildings are demolished now. Just cleaning up the debris now.




That garage came down fast!!


Ah great news. Look forward to this since 3 Hudson turned into a dud.


Pfizer is moving westward. Their current buildings are ones to watch for redevelopment. Would be interesting to see how the area around Penn Station handles this surge of people.


Does this area really need another blue glass tower? :expressionless:


This is going to be impressive!


As of May 1st there was no activity

As of yesterday they ripped up the remaining concrete at ground level. There is a piledriver and a couple excavators on site. Digging should start soon.


Couple more from this morning. They added another piledriver since yesterday morning. And they were out this morning cutting down the remaining trees around the perimeter.


Nice shots JC! Thanks for the updates :smiley: