NEW YORK | 66 Hudson Blvd (The Spiral) | 1,030 FT | 68 FLOORS


What they don’t in that rendering is me laying in a bed smoking a cigar. If they only didn’t take out the lower portion of that rendering. :frowning:


But wouldn’t she be naked in our scenarios, gents?


Nah we just finished. She had to go see her husband who was waiting in a restaurant, hence she was getting dressed and adjusting her necklace. :wink:


Thanks for the laugh!

Where was her blonde friend? Guys like us always need two chicks at once!!


This is the Age of Ramses, lads!!!



Is it 100% sure? We need this building



I wonder if Morgan Stanley also will go here.


Amazing. Their current location might be demolished down the road?


Hopefully this will start in 2018, it’s a great building with a style and shape you don’t see often in NYC, the only building that reminds me of It (sort-of) is
750 seventh avenue near Times Square


Yes. That’s the plan. I’ll bet that their current 42nd St HQ will be largely residential.

I don’t think that there will be much demand for office space in that area any time soon. It’s kind of dumpy.


They need to hurry up with 2nd Ave subway. I don’t understand why we struggle to build these things. The city needs it.


I agree. Instead of spending trillions in Afghanistan and Iraq, we should build and reconstruct our infrastructure.

Not to mention the billions we give to Israel, Egypt, etc.


All hail king Ramses for this wonderful blessing!!!


I agree!


great news. Not good news for 2 wtc, but still great news.


Larry’s only hope for 2 WTC is a media or tech company.

It seems that JPMC will go to the HY or to 1 Vandy. I’d like to see them anchor 3 Hudson Blvd.


great news and i think this tower will be a great addition! Cheers.

Let’s just hope the Girasole secures a tenant soon and gets start moving.




Demo seems to be picking up speed on all buildings on the lot.